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Passion Fruit Newsletter- June 2019

Source:  Equipo de Selva Industrial S.A.

The strong climatic changes in the world are causing alteration in the behavior of crops, mainly in their phenology and harvest time. The passion fruit has not been indifferent to these changes, the current crop season of passion fruit, compared to the previous year has resulted in lower quality and will be shorter. In addition, the harvest area of this year is lower than last year, as well as the yields in the field that have been lower due to sudden changes in weather. All this, together with other additional factors such as domestic consumption has caused a 33% decrease in supply of fruit in comparison with 2018.


On the other hand, the local market has increased its demand for passion fruit by 15% compared to the previous year, this is due to the fact that the main drink of our country, “chicha morada” (purple corn-based drink), is being displaced by the passion fruit drink, since this last one is easier and faster to prepare, it is also considered more natural, which has caused the increasing of the habit of passion fruit consumption.


Regarding the quality, this year passion fruit has been affected in brix because of varietal crossing of seeds that has become more evident. Additionally, the low prices of the previous crop season had an impact on the farmers' economy, so they have not had enough resources to invest in productivity and brix improvements. According to statistics, the brix has fallen 3% from 2018 to 2019 in the period from January to May, this means that it has had a fall of 0.45 points compared to the previous crop, which is considerable considering that the average of last year's brix was between 12.7 and 13.0.

The climatic changes plus the growth of the local market have caused that the availability of fruit for the industry this year is scarce. It is also important to emphasize that prices are not falling as before in the harvest peaks, since the local market raises the demand for fruit and pays higher prices than the industry.


The projection for what remains of passion fruit crop season this 2019 indicates that we will have a last small peak in July, with minimum volume lags until August, after which all the fields of the main producing areas will enter in pruning season to prepare the 2020 campaign, so it is projected that in the main producing fields of the country the harvest will be ending by mid-July. With regard to the zones of lower production whose harvest is from October to January, as we have explained in previous newsletters, it represents only 16% of the volume of the total production of passion fruit and is absorbed mainly by the wholesale domestic market.


Selva Industrial S.A. In conjunction with the government, other entities and companies in the sector are working to improve the situation of the varietal crossing of seed and the problems of passion fruit for the coming harvests. In addition, we recommend all our customers take the necessary measures to stock up before the end of the harvest of the main producing areas.


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