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FRAPP-SGF: We are active participants in the Fruit Risk Assessment Program for Pesticides


Source:  SGF y Equipo de Selva Industrial S.A.


Since 2005, in the framework of the Food Safety Initiative FRAPP, SGF has been collecting data on pesticides applied during the plantation of fruits intended for further processing. Central point of risk assessment in the area of industrial processed fruits is the worldwide elicitation of data of applied pesticides which SGF has been successfully using already since many years. Thereby the industry immunises itself to a great extend against unjustified allegations and sweeping judgements. In the meantime, FRAPP is well known and appreciated by the authorities, e. g. the European Commission and several other national institutions.


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Passion Fruit Newsletter- June 2019


Source:  Equipo de Selva Industrial S.A.


The strong climatic changes in the world are causing alteration in the behavior of crops, mainly in their phenology and harvest time. The passion fruit has not been indifferent to these changes, the current crop season of passion fruit, compared to the previous year has resulted in lower quality and will be shorter. In addition, the harvest area of this year is lower than last year, as well as the yields in the field that have been lower due to sudden changes in weather. All this, together with other additional factors such as domestic consumption has caused a 33% decrease in supply of fruit in comparison with 2018.


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Move over oranges! This fruit has SIXTY times more vitamin C


Source:  Universidad Laval vía EurekAlert


A humble Amazonian fruit that contains 60 times more Vitamin C than an orange may hold the key to combating obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Found in the rainforests of Brazil and Peru, the camu camu – a large berry that looks like an apple – is so rich in nutrients it has already been hailed a ‘superfood’.

It contains 60 times more vitamin C than a serving of oranges – and five times more of antioxidant polyphenols than a serving of blueberries.


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